Attentions when using CNC vertical lathe

- Jun 22, 2018-

With the development of the mechanized industry, CNC lathes have been used in many industries. These applications have made great achievements in modern industrial consumption, but they are still not in use during the application process. This is Since many people do not have a grasp of its application methods, the following matters should be kept in mind when operating CNC lathes:

1, into the operating room must wear a fitting overalls, wearing a working cap, shirts should be tied into the trousers, open-type sleeves should be tight, female lesbians must be the long hair into the cap.

2. It is forbidden to wear gloves during operation. The overalls should be worn properly.

3. Check whether the chuck wrench can be removed before starting the CNC vertical lathe and whether the machine shift handle can be in the correct position.

4. When the machine tools are in operation, the handle must not be changed. If the handle position is changed, it must be stopped after parking.

5. Stop contact with the rotating spindle, workpiece or other moving parts by hand or in any other way.

6. Stop the installation and disassembly of the tool when the spindle rotates.

7. The tool used to clamp the workpiece and adjust the tool is placed on the machine tool guide.

8, to stop touching the tip of the hand and iron, use brush and hook disposal.

9. In the process of automatic processing, stop turning the protective door of the machine.

10. When a job requires the completion of two or more people, it must cooperate with each other. One must be safe. Before driving, it is necessary to say hello to prevent accidents.