Avoid Collision In Vertical Machining Center

- Apr 24, 2019-

Vertical machining center impact on the accuracy of equipment is very great.The impact on different types of devices is also different.

Generally speaking, the strong rigidity of the vertical machining center has a small impact, the strong rigidity of the vertical machining center has a large impact.For the high precision and high efficiency vertical machining center, the impact of the impact precision is very fatal.

Vertical machining center operator careful and meticulous plus reasonable processing criteria, collision phenomenon can be effectively avoided.

Vertical machining center in the process of processing strictly follow the "one stop, two to, three to see" processing criteria, can greatly reduce the impact of vertical machining center problems.

One-stop: to be exact, the automatic machining process in the vertical machining center should be suspended for many times.By pausing, the operator is prepared to observe the display of the tool tip position and screen coordinates.In particular, debris wound to the workpiece or cutter, can press the cycle stop button, to solve the vertical machining center in the process of processing problems.

Two-to: one is to implement a single paragraph;Second, low multiplier.The advantage of single-stage execution is that it can give operators sufficient inspection time to check tools, coordinates and procedures.In this way, collision accidents are largely avoided.The use of low power through the vertical machining center speed adjustment knob, reduce the feed speed of the tool, the tool can be processed before the workpiece, observe the position of the tool tip and coordinate display value is consistent, if the two values are different, you can shut down the equipment in time to avoid collision problems.

Three-look: to see the program, workpiece coordinates, knife point position.Vertical machining center operations are completed by the command control, through the inspection statement and program name to find out the problems, timely correction;Vertical machining center operating system display screen will display the current tool coordinates, workpiece coordinates and other details.

Be careful to check the screen value against the actual tool tip position to ensure that the two coordinate values correspond one by one.By comparing the workpiece coordinates, the collision phenomenon can be effectively avoided.

In addition, the tip position is one of the reasons why the impact can not be ignored, vertical machining center used by the cutting operations are completed by the tool.Therefore, in the inspection stage, it should focus on the position of the tool tip.The tip of the knife belongs to fragile parts, which will wear out after a period of use.

On the premise of not affecting the quality of processing, vertical machining center operators should regularly adjust the tool position to prevent tool collision with the workpiece or chuck.Impact no small matter, any small errors in the operation of the vertical machining center is difficult to estimate the loss.