Benefits Of Preventative Maintenance For CNC Machinery

- Jul 16, 2018-

Acquiring CNC machinery requires massive capital investment and the opportunity cost in the event of a breakdown of such machinery, is significant as well. Preventive maintenance is an approach meant to ensure that CNC machines run smoothly and at maximum efficiency. The concept entails timely servicing after a given period, and this implies there are several benefits, including quicker repairs and fewer breakdowns.

Reduces Downtime
Fixing CNC machines when they break down can take longer than expected if part replacements have to be ordered, and if it will take time before they are delivered. Throughout that period, no operations will be running on the machine, and that will affect production and chances of missing deadlines increase too.
However, through preventive maintenance, such parts can be requested beforehand before an unexpected failure happens, to reduce downtime and promote efficiency in operations.

Reduces Complete Breakdown
The advantage of using CNC machines is precision, quality, and ability to deliver more within a shorter period. Achieving all that is impossible through human labor. The cost of hiring workers necessary to accomplish such tasks is immense, and that is the worry of most employers, in the event of a complete breakdown.
Identifying potential problems earlier that could lead to such situations is possible through the preventive maintenance plan. Therefore, cases of these failures are reduced significantly.

Promotes Savings
Inefficient industrial machines or those operating below their optimum capacity tend to consume more power, and this can eat into profits realized over a given period. Carrying out scheduled maintenance even when your CNC machinery does not show any signs of inefficiency, ensures that it continues operating at full capacity while consuming the least amount of electricity.Eventually, that translates to savings and increased profits.

Planning emergency repairs as a result of unforeseen breakdowns is a challenge if it will take days before the repair crew gets the CNC machine up and running again. Preventive maintenance will guard against such inconvenience and lower insurance premiums as well because the machine is well maintained.