- Nov 16, 2017-

Boring machine is divided into horizontal boring machine, floor boring and milling machines, diamond boring machine and coordinate boring machine (see color map). ① Horizontal Boring machine: The most application, the most widely used one kind of boring machine, suitable for single piece small batch production and repair workshop. ② floor boring and Milling machine: The feature is fixed on the landing platform, suitable for processing size and weight of the workpiece, used in heavy machinery factory.

③ Jingang boring machine: Using diamond or cemented carbide cutting tools, with very small feed and high cutting speed boring with higher precision, small surface roughness of the hole, mainly used in mass production. ④ coordinate boring machine: with a precise coordinate positioning device, suitable for machining shape, size and aperture precision requirements are very high holes, can also be used for marking, coordinate measurement and calibration work, used in tool shop and small and medium-sized production. Other types of boring machines are vertical turret boring and milling machine, deep hole boring machine and automobile, tractor repair boring machine and so on.