Characteristics of Vertical Lathe In China

- Mar 26, 2019-

1.Characteristics of China railway station: China self-developed heavy machine tools and ultra-heavy machine tools basically meet the needs of some key national projects, and have created the world's most limited specifications for many times. In particular, ultra-heavy machine tools have reached the contemporary international advanced level, manufacturing capacity and prices have a great advantage.

 2.The difference structure at home and abroad: there is not much difference in structure between domestic products and foreign products, and the new technology adopted is almost the same, but there is still a certain gap between China and the world's advanced countries in the level of advanced technology application and manufacturing technology. Ability of new product development and manufacturing cycle also can't satisfy the domestic users needs, and high precision components manufacturing precision stability, reliability is greatly improved, especially in with heavy machine tool numerical control system, features, such as milling knife library, manipulator and two coordinates etc, also need to overseas companies to meet.