China's Space Station Opens To The World!The First Batch Of International Cooperation Projects Were Announced

- Jun 17, 2019-

"In the next step, we will work closely with the UN outer space division while supporting the selected team to carry out the project, further improve and release the second round of cooperation opportunity announcement," hao chun, director of the China manned space engineering office, said at the press conference.

Outer space division di pippen to open to the u.n. member states to the Chinese government highly appreciated China's space station application resources, said the move of China, strongly promote the manned space international cooperation, allow more countries to have the opportunity to participate in the manned space technology research, is the strong support of the United Nations 2030 sustainable development goals.

The primary election received 42 applications from 27 countries and regions

On May 28, 2018, the China manned space engineering office and the UN outer space division jointly issued a joint announcement on cooperation opportunities, inviting all UN member states to participate in international cooperation on space science applications of China's space station in the future.

The selection of the joint projects was carried out jointly by the China manned space engineering office and the UN outer space division.

In this selection process, 42 project applications were received from 27 countries and regions, including Asia, Africa, Europe and the United States, and a total of 258 project members were recruited from 72 project cooperation teams.

It covers nine fields, including aerospace medicine, aerospace technology, space life science and biotechnology, and space astronomy, representing different research fields and technical levels.

In early 2019, a total of 18 projects entered the selection stage after deliberation by the selection committee for the evaluation of space station application projects jointly conducted by the China manned space engineering office and the United Nations outer space division.

The selection committee held its second meeting in Vienna from June 10 to 11, and confirmed the final results, which were released on June 12.

Lin xiqiang, deputy director of the China manned space engineering office and spokesman for the manned space program, explained to the media in Beijing that the selection criteria for the project meet the basic principles of the United Nations on the peaceful use of outer space.

With outstanding scientific significance, it can significantly drive the progress of relevant scientific and technological fields, or effectively promote the development of space science and technology and the improvement of scientific research capacity of the country applying for the project;

The technical scheme is reasonable and feasible, with good engineering feasibility, and poses no threat to the space station.

Able to bear the research and development funds of the project.