Choose The Pipe Thread Lathe

- Jun 18, 2018-

Big companies are likely to prefer European and American brands, whether Chinese or Taiwanese, or Japanese or Latin American.

Founded in 2013, our company is a modern private enterprise integrating design, r&d, production, sales and after-sales service. The company has years of professional production of pipe thread lathe, numerical control lathe, common lathe and special lathe experience. At present, the CNC pipe thread lathe has 24 varieties, is the world's most powerful pipe thread lathe professional manufacturers.

Configuration and functionality

Actually, the numerical control lathe is similar to the car that buys a car, also have configuration and function cent, the same model product, configuration is taller, price difference also is bigger.
The pipe thread lathe usually sets a chase hole on the spindle box, and the workpiece is pressed into two chuck clamps at both ends of the main shaft after passing through the hole.There are two ways to feed the cutter: one is the same as the common lathe, which is carried by the screw to the slide plate and the tool holder in front of the bed.The other is to cut the head (see the automatic opening thread cutting head) on the top of the slide plate in the middle of the bed, and then move it forward.Some of the machine tools with long pipe are also supported by the workpiece, such as the center frame, the tool holder, the rear bracket, etc.

Shop around.
The process of comparing or comparing prices in the process of purchasing or trading.We will find our products are of high quality and low price.

Daily maintenance
Daily maintenance of low price advantage. Replacement parts are cheap.