CNC Control System Selection

- Apr 19, 2019-

With the diversification of market demand, machine tool manufacturers often provide the same type of automatic CNC lathes can be configured with a variety of CNC options or CNC system in the choice of a variety of options function.

Machine tool manufacturers to provide CNC system is divided into the mainstream of machine tool configuration system and can adapt to the system, the mainstream system is relatively maturity is better, but the use of the user should otherwise requires, for example, to pursue the quality of famous brand system, hope to have a good after-sale technical conditions, the user units used in CNC system is relatively concentrated in several requirements, in order to use control and repair parts preparation, so the user units are willing to configure their trust or familiar with CNC system.

 The basic principle that the user chooses a system is: cost performance wants tall, the use after buying is maintained want convenient, the market life of the system wants long to wait.