CNC Lathe Clamping

- Apr 15, 2019-

CNC lathe processing process and the general lathe processing process is similar, but because the CNC lathe is a clamping, continuous automatic processing to complete all the turning process, so should pay attention to the following aspects:

1.Reasonable selection of cutting parameters

The choice of cutting parameters is very important for giving full play to the potential of machine tools and cutting performance to achieve high quality, high yield, low cost and safe operation.

2.Rational tool selection

3.Reasonable selection of fixture


5.The connection between machining route and machining allowance

At present, in the CNC lathe has not reached the condition of universal use, generally should put the blank on the excessive allowance, especially with forging, casting hard cortex allowance arranged in the general lathe processing.If must use the numerical control lathe processing, must pay attention to the program the flexible arrangement.

6.Jig installation points

At present, the connection of hydraulic chuck and hydraulic clamping cylinder is realized by pulling rod.The clamping point of the hydraulic chuck is as follows: first, remove the nut on the hydraulic cylinder with the lifting hand, remove the pull tube, and draw out from the rear end of the spindle, and then remove the fixing screw of the chuck with the lifting hand, the chuck can be removed.