CNC Lathe intelligent content

- Jun 06, 2018-

 A. For the pursuit of processing efficiency and processing quality of the intelligent, such as adaptive control, process parameters automatically generated;
    B. In order to improve the driving performance and the use of intelligent connection, such as feedforward control, motor parameters of the adaptive operation, automatic identification of the load automatically selected models, self-tuning;
    C. Simplify programming, simplify the operation of the intelligent, such as intelligent automatic programming, intelligent human-computer interface;
    D. Intelligent diagnosis, intelligent monitoring of the content, to facilitate the system diagnosis and maintenance.
 The use of CNC Lathes has been the industry's popularity, greatly improving the industrial production efficiency, speed up the development of industry. Here, we got the CNC Lathe manufacturers on the principle of CNC Lathe to explain, which you all know?