CNC Machine Tools and Their Operators Move the Modern World

- Sep 13, 2018-

Precision is the name of the game for CNC machine tools, so it should be no surprise that the leading talents in the industry approach the future of making things with a laserlike focus.

Take, for example, Swissomation’s Christian Welch, who makes tiny parts for which one of the biggest challenges is simply to separate them from the similarly sized chaff. Or consider Titan Gilroy, a former boxer turned CNC-machining entrepreneur, whose steely focus on building a new workforce could qualify as a personal crusade.

At the heart of these paragons of CNC machine tooling lies a dedication to quality, to realizing new designs and ways of working, and to using cutting-edge technology (such as the Diversified Machine Systems 5-Axis Enclosed Router and HAAS Automation CNC Mill) to build parts that fill the world with precision. Take a look at what’s happening in the realm of CNC machine tools.

1. 6 Social-Media Tips for Manufacturing Companies From a “10-Year Overnight Success”

Self-taught machinist John Saunders—the brains behind Saunders Machine Works and its prodigious social-media presence—knows a thing or two about connecting with folks on the Internet. With millions of YouTube views and huge numbers of followers on Facebook and Instagram, Saunders has mastered the art of social media, which he says isn’t as difficult as you might think. By following his simple steps—including developing a healthy level of patience—manufacturers can use social media to find new customers and talent. 

2. Tools of the Trade: The DMS 5-Axis Enclosed Router

Created by Diversified Machine Systems of Colorado Springs, Colorado, the 5-Axis Enclosed Router makes precision parts possible for the aerospace and automotive (and many more) industries. It does this by focusing on stability, speed, and accuracy—essential traits for businesses whose products must adhere to strict safety and performance standards.