CNC Vertical Lathe CNC Device Composition Classification

- Mar 25, 2019-

The technological properties and mechanical functions of the parts of CNC vertical lathe determine the type of blank.Such as cast iron parts with forged blank;For important steel parts, forgings should be selected in order to obtain good mechanical function. For complicated steel parts, castings should be used when mechanical function requirements are not high.Non-ferrous metal parts commonly used profiles or forging blank.

     Make full use of new technology, new material to save material and energy, progressive machining yield rate, should be fully aware of the precision forging, precision forging, cold rolling, cold extrusion, powder metallurgy, steel and engineering plastics and its application in mechanical, such, can greatly reduce the mechanical processing capacity, and even don't need to do a CNC vertical lathe processing, economic benefit is very obvious.

      CNC vertical lathe CNC device can be divided into three categories according to the control functions:

      1. Point control

      Only the accurate positioning of the tool or table moving from one point to another is controlled, and then the fixed-point machining is carried out.The path from point to point is not controlled.CNC drilling machine, CNC boring machine and CNC jig boring machine.

      2. Linear control

     In addition to controlling the accurate positioning of the starting and ending points of the linear trajectory, it is also necessary to control the linear cutting at the specified feed speed between these two points.Using this kind of control CNC milling machine, CNC vertical lathe and CNC grinder.

      3. Continuous trajectory control (contour control)

     Can continuously control two or more coordinate direction of joint motion.In order to make the cutter to process the curve contour of the workpiece according to the specified track, the numerical control device has interpolation calculation function.The cutter trajectory is approximated to the specified contour curve with the minimum error, and the velocity in each coordinate direction is coordinated, so that the specified feed velocity is always maintained during the cutting process.Using this kind of control CNC milling machine, CNC grinding machine, CNC vertical lathe and machining center.

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