CNC Vertical Lathe Focus one The Future Development Of CNC Machine Tools

- Jun 01, 2018-

The thermal characteristics of the Vertical Lathe are one of the important factors that affect the machining accuracy. Due to the speed of the Vertical Lathe, the feed speed is much higher than that of the ordinary machine, and the hot cutting caused by the large cutting amount has much more influence on the heat conduction of the workpiece and the machine tool parts than the ordinary machine, and the influence of the thermal deformation on the machining precision is often difficult Revision. Therefore, measures to reduce the thermal deformation of Vertical Lathes should be given special attention.

Commonly used measures are the following: 1, to improve the Vertical Lathe layout and structural design: such as the heat is relatively symmetrical use of the thermal symmetry structure; Vertical Lathe with inclined bed, flat bed and inclined skateboard structure; some Heavy-duty Vertical Lathes are thermally balanced due to structural constraints.

Control the temperature rise: the Vertical Lathe heating parts (such as the spindle box, hydrostatic rail hydraulic oil, etc.) to take heat, air cooling and liquid cooling and other ways to control the temperature rise to heat the heat source, The use of more type of lathe to reduce the impact of thermal deformation of the countermeasure.

The cutting site to take a strong cold measures: in the large cutting amount of cutting, fell on the table, bed and other parts of the hot chip an important heat source. Modern Vertical Lathes, especially machining centers and Vertical Lathes, generally use multi-nozzles, large flow coolants to cool and remove these hot chips, and cool the coolant with large capacity circulation or cooling with cooling to control the temperature Rise.