cnc vertical machining center

- May 11, 2018-

Haitong CNC Vertical Machining Center has below features.

1. The foundation, column, main spindle box, cross sliding table, worktable and other parts were designed with high strength casting technology. The inner metallographic structure is very steady. The casting parts show rational geometry composition through machine tool kinetics and finite element analysis. The basic parts have high steel nature by collocating with the reinforcing rib. With the wide foundation, box-shaped cavity column, broaden & lengthening sliding base and advanced design of mechanics of materials, the weight capacity can be ensured. 

2.High speed and high precision spindle: 

(1) With transmission of the high torsion tooth form leather belt, the electric machine works no slipping and escapes the emergence of noise and heat.

(2) The main spindle turns at high speed with precise oblique angle ball-bearing.

(3) Through cooling system, the high-performance oil spindle bearing can control temperature rise effectively.

(4) With the adjust equipment of IRD dynamic balance, the main spindle can show high machining precision and escape resonance while working at a high speed.

3. Designed with high precision thread pitch compensation, the location of the spindles can be made more accurate and the machine can work out high precision parts by high precision laser ad-measuring apparatus.

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