Development Of Pipe Threading Machining Lathe

- Jun 20, 2019-

1. Technological possibility: this machine should be capable of cutting threads of different sizes and of different thickness of the same thread.

2. Machining accuracy: the parts processed according to the process requirements should meet the standard requirements in terms of size, shape and mutual position after the processing.

3. Production efficiency: the machine adopts a tool holder that can change knives automatically. All feeding mechanisms can change knives automatically.

So our machine tools mainly have the following performance characteristics:

1. Large spindle aperture through performance, double chuck workpiece clamping stability

2. The overall bed cast by high quality high strength cast iron has good rigidity and high precision

3. The surface of the guide rail is quenched by ultra-audio, with high strength and long service life

4. The supporting plate adopts the plastering technology of guide rail surface, with good wear resistance and high precision