Difference Between Ordinary Lathe And CNC Swiss Lathe

- May 07, 2019-

1. The general lathe in the processing of thread is the trapezoidal thread of the screw rod to process, at the same time with the use of light rod for cutting and other processes, and CNC lathe in the processing of thread is usually the use of ball screw processing.

2. CNC Swiss lathe and ordinary lathe tool rest position is different, the position of the Swiss type lathe are basically on the left side of the operator, and the position of the engine lathe is normally on the right side, the operator for the location of the different, there is no good or bad, as long as it is more convenient CNC lathe factory workers to operate.

 3. In terms of guide rail two lathes are different, ordinary lathe guide rail is a hard rail, and the Swiss lathe in addition to the hard rail, have to line rail.

 4. The general lathe handle is equipped with more, there are large, medium, small drag plate handle, and these are not in the Swiss lathe, not only there is no small drag plate, the reduction of these accessories, shorten the operation process, so that workers in the operation of more convenient.

5. In the motor, CNC lathe manufacturers of the two kinds of lathes are also quite different, the spindle motor of the ordinary lathe can use ordinary motor, but if it is a Swiss lathe, the use of frequency conversion motor is usually used.

6. The Swiss lathe can achieve greater range of automation, in the spindle, feed, cooling pump control, traditional lathe use is manual control, the Swiss lathe can achieve full automation, of course, can also be manually operated.

 7. In addition, the general lathe is no digital control operation, but the Swiss lathe has.