Domestic CNC Pipe Thread Lathe Industry

- Apr 10, 2019-

Without the market, it is impossible to form the scale of CNC pipe threading lathe industry. Without the scale of the industry, there will be no good economic benefits, nor can we retain excellent talents, affect the re-investment of funds, and form a vicious circle. Many experts agree.It is precisely because of the difficulties of the development of Chinese high-grade CNC machine tools that many experts jointly write reports and make Suggestions to the senior management to promote the localization of high-grade CNC pipe threading lathes, hoping that the country will fully support Chinese high-grade CNC pipe threading lathes in the critical period of industrialization from multiple levels. The hope is to change the "unequal" status in the current procurement of CNC pipe threading lathesthat is, in government procurement, the procurement of foreign brands is often designated, rather than justifiably supporting domestic products. Chinese CNC pipe thread lathe system, like Huawei and Xiaomi in technology, has formed its own characteristics. We believe that the CNC pipe screw lathe system in China will be like the color TV industry in China in the past and now Huawei mobile phones. Once the market recognizes it, foreign brands will be out of the market.