Education Lathe Hydraulic Power Station

- Jun 07, 2018-

Spindle speed module installed in the spindle box, which by the bracket, cylinder and tubing, micro switch and other components. The length of the bracket is the same as that of the spindle box. The spindle speed module is installed on the four screw holes used to install the cover plate on the spindle box, and the positioning pin hole is used for the positioning of the module. The middle part of the bracket is supported by the partition plate, the variable speed cylinder is fixed on the partition plate and is located above the gear shaft to be controlled slip, and is coaxial with the guide shaft; the cylinder piston rod is located in the guide shaft and is connected with the variable speed fork; The shift fork is mounted on the guide shaft and can be moved back and forth along the guide shaft driven by the piston rod. The guide shaft is hollow and has a guide groove so that the piston rod is connected with the shift fork. The guide shaft is fixed to the bracket by the pin ; Two gear shift fork are down vertical structure, respectively, in the corresponding sliding gear shift groove.