Experts call for free trade alliance

- Sep 19, 2018-

Leading Chinese think tank experts have asked Beijing and Brussels to forge an alliance to defend multilateralism and globalization as the United States escalates trade tensions with China.

"We are clearly requesting the European Union to stand together and be our allies in defending multilateralism and globalization," said Wei Jianguo, vice-chairman of the China Center for International Economic Exchanges, an influential Beijing-based think tank, in Brussels on Monday.

Wei sent the message at a seminar in Brussels hosted by Bruegel, a well-known think tank, with the theme Peril and Potential: China-US-EU Trade Relations.

Wei said his suggestion should not only benefit the Sino-EU partnership but also stabilize the global economy and trade as well as global governance, which has suffered from setbacks amid the 10th anniversary of 2008-09 global economic recession.

European scholars have responded positively to Wei's suggestion.

Alicia Garcia-Herrero, senior fellow of Bruegel, said that the EU has so far done one thing right amid Sino-US trade tensions, which is that it has not taken sides. "But now, it has only one side to take," said Garcia-Herrero.