Explanation Of The Basic Functions Of The Digital Control Lathe

- Mar 26, 2019-

CNC lathe, also known as CNC lathe, is a computer numerical control lathe. It is the most widely used CNC machine tool in China, accounting for 25% of the total number of CNC machine tools. CNC machine tools are mechatronics products integrating mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, microelectronics and information technologies. It is a working machine with high precision, high efficiency, high automation and high flexibility in mechanical manufacturing equipment. The technical level of CNC machine tools and the percentage of metal cutting machine tool production and total possession are one of the important indicators to measure the national economic development and industrial manufacturing overall level. CNC lathe is one of the main varieties of CNC machine tools. It occupies a very important position in CNC machine tools. It has been widely recognized and rapidly developed in the world for decades.


1. Preparation function (G function)


The preparation function, also called G function (or G code), is a command used to command the working mode of the lathe or the way the control system works. The G function consists of the address character G and the following two digits (00? 99), a total of 100 functions from G00 to G99, used to command different movements of the machine such as G01 to command the linear training of motion coordinates.


The G code has a single G code and a modal G code. The single G code is only valid in the block that is commanded, and the modal G code is valid until the same group G code appears.


At present, the G code of CNC lathes at home and abroad widely uses ISO code, but its standardization degree is not high, and the specified function code is small, which means (cannot be used for other functions), and does not specify generation (meaning that other functions may be specified in the future) The code does not specify the code (referring to the code that does not specify its function in the future). The G code function of the non-CNC system is not consistent, which makes the programming of different CNC systems different. Therefore, it must be in accordance with the manual of the CNC system used. The specific provisions are used.