Features and safety rules About CNC vertical lathe

- Jul 23, 2018-

CNC vertical lathe, which is a vertical lathe, and therefore understand the lathe, we must also have the job of CNC vertical lathe, vertical lathe in order to fully understand the product. Below that, we have to understand its specific knowledge of the characteristics and safety procedures are mainly two aspects.


CNC vertical lathe features, mainly in the following these points, as follows:

(1) good accuracy, features and more; 
(2) to achieve stepless speed; 
Reasonable (3) the structure of the economy is good. 
CNC vertical lathe safety procedures, mainly in the following content, as follows: 
(1) the machine without permission, you can not arbitrarily start; 
(2) the operator before the operation, to wear good labor protection products, in order to ensure their own safety; 
(3) lathe before use, first check the power cable, control cable, etc., have less overvoltage or phase; 
(4) to the workpiece, tool and other checks to verify safe operation; 
Internal settings (5) lathes, can not change, to avoid problems; 
(6) vertical lathe during operation, can not be left unattended. If the program is wrong, or unstable operation, should be immediately shut down, and then processed by professionals; 
(7) Before starting the lathe, you should turn off the protective cover; 
(8) Do not place any objects on a lathe, but can not use wet hands to touch the switches and buttons, to avoid electric shock; 
(9) Once the lathe fails, you should immediately turn off the power, the machine is prohibited to work sick to avoid damage to the machine; 
(10) CNC vertical lathe and working environment should be kept clean and tidy, cleaning the site after the work is completed to cleanthe machine, and do the job record.