Five Axis Horizontal Boring and Milling CNC Machine

- Feb 28, 2018-

Product Description

Five Axis Horizontal Boring and Milling Machine Center
High Torque,High Precision,High Rigidity

High Torque
·Spindle motor 37(continuous)/45(30min) KW super power.
·Maximum torque output 2500Nm (260kgf-m),the highest specifications for this class.
·The nose type spindle head can be close to the workpiece,which is suitable for heavy cutting.
·Rotary table can carry 10000-25000kg.
·Z axis can be continuously subjected to the axial load of 2000kgf,to ensure high torque and high speed to provide high speed to provide high cutting force.

High torque gear headstock

High Precision
·Spindle bearing with oil mist lubrication ,surrouding and with the tubing jacket cooling design avoids thermal displacement problems.
·The flange portion of the spindle motor jacket cooling using tubing.
·Spindle with a special nitriding treatment ,used for many years and no wear.
·X/Y-axis rail screw and motor using Derect-drive without backlash mechanism.
·No overhanging phenomenon when the table moves.

High Rigidity
·Casting structure composed of stability,strong vibration resistance and strong senior cast iron with crch-type structure of high rigidity.
·Column resistance to bending ,torsional rigidity enhance 1.7 times,in the uppermost end Y-axis travel can also be stable machining.
·The combination of the nitride,cryogenic(-190oC) spindle and the high precision,high rigidity spindle bearings ,can play the best long-term performance.

Precision rotary table(double worm)

Boring axis adopts Germany imported materialSACM-645,after nitrogen treatment hardness up (HS100°±10°), and increase the wear resistance by streching cryogenic (-190oC)aging treatment; spindle can be extended to 500-700mm long,suitable for deep processing.

COLUMN(Patented Structure)
High quality Meehanite cast iron ,the structure of high stength arch bridge is used in the internalstructure of the column.To increase the rigidity of the column to 27%,two electric furnace failure and vibration failure,to ensure that the seismic and long-term no deformation.

All-area support of hydraulic fracturing design,unique twin-turbo without backlash drive,six columns tightening force at any angle up to 13500kg/cm2,cylinder lock with 90-degree pin alignment.



X/Y/Z Axis Travel2800/1800/1500mm
W-axis diameter/peojecting110/500mm
Spindle center to table0-1800mm
Line Guideway
Worktable size1440mm*1600mm
Max.loading of worktable8000kg
Degree Minimum division0.001°
Spindle taper/RivetBT50-45°
Power of spindle motor22/26
The number of revolution and gearFull gear 2500 continuous Variable Speed
Fast Process
X/Y/Z Axis Rapid Feed Rate10000mm/min
B Axis rotation speed1r/min
W Axia Rapid Feed Rate4000mm/min
Min.set unit & moving unit0.001mm
Positioning accuracy(JIS)±0.003/300
Repeatability accuracy(JIS)±0.003
Tool Magazine
Tool magazine60
Standard Control SystemFANUC 0IMD
Feed Motor7,7,7,4,4KW
Power capacity70KVA
Machine Height3800mm
Area Covered7500mm*7800mm
Machine Weight26000kg