Future Research And Development Direction Of CNC Lathe

- Apr 30, 2019-

The level, variety and production capacity of CNC machine tools reflect the country's comprehensive national strength in technology and economy.With 4.0 nationwide industry and made in China, 2025 China's manufacturing sector is brewing and the earth-shaking changes, robots and the development of 3D printing, far-reaching influence on numerical control machine tool industry, then under the wave, the numerical control machine tool industry in the future direction of research and production will be how to change?Here are some predictions.

      1. The application of compound processing technology is more extensive. New compound processing machine tools such as turning and milling compound machine tools, turning and grinding compound machine tools, gear plus compound machine tools, turning and milling compound and 5-axis linkage combined machine tools and other products keep emerging;Heavy machine tools add multifunctional accessories and turntables, etc., composite processing trend is obvious;There has been a new progress in the compound technology of metal cutting and special machining.The popularization and application of compound processing technology will have an important impact on multi-variety and small-batch production process.

      2. Due to the progress of power electronics and numerical control technology, as well as the maturity of linear motor, torque motor, motorized spindle, grating detection and other components, the application speed of direct drive technology in numerical control machine tools is accelerated, and many foreign machine tool enterprises have used linear motor drive for new products.The application of direct drive technology will greatly promote the structural change and performance improvement of nc machine tools.

      3. Micro-manufacturing technology emerging micro-manufacturing (inter-micro) refers to a new high-efficiency, green and high-precision micro-manufacturing technology, which is used to process various micro-parts of 3D shape.At present, with the support of the European Union, a research team composed of universities, research institutes and enterprises from Germany, Italy and other countries has made relevant achievements, such as: ultra-precision 5-axis linkage micro-diamond and cubic boron nitride tool processing technology equipment.Micro-manufacturing technology has great application potential and should be concerned by the industry.