General Knowledge Of Lathe Safety Operation Procedures

- Apr 30, 2019-

1. Before driving, check the lathe parts institutions are in good condition, the transmission controller, variable speed handle position is correct, in case of damage due to sudden crash while driving machine, after the start, should make the spindle idling 1 ~ 2 minutes at low speed, the oil spread to the need of more important (winter), such as lathe operating normally after to work.

2. When the spindle needs to change speed in work, it must stop and then change speed.A stepless lathe can change speed without stopping.

3. Work clothes should be worn at work.

4. Do not wear rings or other jewelry at work.Gloves are not allowed at work.

5. The head should not work too close to the workpiece, high speed cutting must wear protective mirror.

6. Do not use your hands to brake the rotating chuck.Use special hooks to remove chips. Do not use your hands to remove chips directly.

7. When turning the lathe, it is not allowed to measure the workpiece and touch the surface of the workpiece with hands.

8. After the workpiece is clamped, take off the chuck wrench at will, and use the material frame baffle when the bar material extends out of the back end of the spindle for too long.

9. After each shift, the total power supply of the machine tool should be turned off.