HBM Machining Center Series Advantage

- Jul 09, 2018-


X/Y/Z axis structures

Meehanite castings in integrated casting formation and resistant to abrasion, stress elimination enables high shock resistance, and the capability of vibration absorption is higher than common cast iron, so as to improve stability of machine tool.

Oil and coolant are recycled for prevention of pollution and in compliance with the requirements of environmental protection.

Feedback of axial positions adopts absolute optical scale to posite at all machining points precisely and to avoid the step of return to home position of each travel.

Ball crew and heavy-load linear roller guideway

C3 grade high precision ball screw and high precision P grade heavy load roller linear slide rail design to ensure that the heavy cutting axial and radial force.


Gear type main shaft head are integrally cast molding, has a higher rigidity than the average combined type main shaft structure, improves the stability of the machine. Cutting ability have more and more high accuracy.

Spindle using large spacing, cylindrical rollers NN bearing ultra precision, ultra rigid, therefore has excellent processing capability for heavy cutting.

Characteristics of worktable

Indexing action is kept reliable and stable dependent on drive of large-diameter sliding surface and double gears 90°locating pins independently researched and developed by Dawei guarantees high precision. In addition hydraulic and T-bolts are used for solid clamp.

 Furthermore, backboard is used to prevent float of worktable under strong clamp of hydraulic and T-bots.

Characteristics of worktable

1. The rotary worktable is processed by precise manual scraping after grinding to ensure presion of contact and to provide perfect lubrication and abrasive resistance.

2. Design of lubricant chamber enables smooth operation of turntable even at the maximum load.

3. Brake characteristics:

a. Worktable is under uniform stress during multipoint brakes in circular uniform arrangement.

b. Release and locking are realized by means of oil pressure, and pressure cylinder is adopted to increase locking force.

c. Oil pressure locks worktable on chassis directly to realize perfect stability.

d. During brake locking is under axial force without center bias.

4. Double-gear drive eliminates excessive backlash and keeps perfect precision, and helical gear is adopted for transmission with advantages of good meshing, stable transmission, big contact ratio, reduction of load on each pair of gears and improvement of bearing capacity of gear.

5. Locating pins are designed at 0°, 90°, 180° and 270° orthogonal directions and can bear heavy cutting.