Horizontal Boring machine

- Nov 16, 2017-

Horizontal boring machine is the most widely used in boring machine. It is mainly hole processing, boring accuracy can reach IT7, Surface roughness RA value is 1.6-0.8um. The main parameter of horizontal boring machine is spindle diameter. Boring shaft horizontal arrangement and do axial feed, spindle box along the front column guide vertical movement, the worktable to do vertical or horizontal movement, boring processing. This machine tool is widely and comparatively economical, it is mainly used for the hole processing of the box (or bracket) type parts and other machining surfaces related to the hole. The appearance of beautiful and elegant overall layout symmetry coordination. The bed body, the pillar, the slide seat all adopt the rectangular guide rail, the stability is good. The guide rail adopts refrigeration hardening and high abrasion resistance. Digital synchronous display, intuitive and accurate, can improve ergonomics to reduce costs