Horizontal Lathe Characteristics

- Jun 02, 2018-

1. Horizontal lathe bed, bed feet, oil pan, etc. using the overall casting structure, high rigidity, good shock resistance, in line with the characteristics of high-speed cutting machine.

2. Bedside box with three support structure, three bearings are tapered roller bearings, spindle adjustment is convenient, high precision rotation, good precision to maintain.

3. Feeding box is equipped with male screw thread conversion mechanism, the choice of thread type conversion is convenient and reliable.

4. Slide box with a tapered clutch safety device to prevent automatic damage to the workpiece after the overload.

5. The machine tool is equipped with four-station automatic feed mechanical stopper device. The length of the cam can be adjusted by adjusting the longitudinal position of the cam on the stop lever, and the length of the workpiece can be set.

6. The tailstock is equipped with a gearbox to meet the needs of drilling and reaming.

7. Horizontal lathe lubrication system design is reasonable and reliable, front box, feed box, slide box are used in the body splash lubrication, and additional line pump, piston pump for special parts of the automatic forced lubrication.