​Horizontal lathe parts

- Jun 02, 2018-

(1) The gearbox is used to change the speed of the spindle. Mainly by the drive shaft and variable speed gear. By changing the position of the gear or clutch by manipulating the shift handle outside the gearbox and the spindle housing, the spindle can be made 12 different speeds. The reversal of the spindle is achieved by reversing the motor.


(2) Spindle box The spindle box is used to support the spindle and rotate it at various speeds. The spindle is hollow and easy to pass through the long workpiece. The front end of the spindle can be used to install the tip of the spindle, The conical surface mounts the chuck and dial to fit the workpiece.


(3) Hanging wheel box The wheel is used to match the gears of different teeth to get different feeds. Mainly used for turning different types of threads.


(4) Feeder The feed box is used to change the feedrate. The spindle is moved into the feed box by the carriage box, and by changing the engagement position of the sliding gear in the feed box by moving the shift handle, the light rod or screw can obtain different speed.