How global media has covered Belt and Road Initiative

- Sep 27, 2019-

The Silk Road pioneered by ancient Chinese people has played the role of a bridge connecting the East and the West. And over the past six years, China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative aiming for common development along the ancient Silk Road routes and beyond has also made remarkable progress, delivering tangible benefits to participating countries and regions.

So how is foreign media covering the initiative? Watch the video, the 13th in our series New China at 70, to find the answers.

Producers: Wang Hao and Han Lei

Supervisors: Zhang Chunyan and Wang Jianfen

Director: Zhang Yuhuan

Anchor: Ian Goodrum

Script writers: Jiang Wei, Chen Ziyan, Kang Jia, Ian Goodrum, Eoghan Norris McNeill, Guo Kai and Liu Ming

Media coordinators: Li Xin, Tang Lijun, Jiang Yijing, Sun Yubing and Song Ge

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