how the routine maintenance of vertical lathe

- Jul 23, 2018-

Routine maintenance vertical lathe, the lathe is a very important part in terms of content, because only do this work, we can extend thelife of the machine, while reducing failure. Below that, Xiaobian to explain the contents of their work includes routine maintenance, in order to let everyone know how to make this work correctly

                        Routine maintenance vertical lathe, before placement, classes and classes in the three parts, Specifically:

Routine maintenance vertical lathe, before placement, classes and classes in the three parts, Specifically:
(1) classes before

a. routine inspection in accordance with the requirements of the machine to check whether there is a problem, and then wipe the rails, and lubricate the machine accordingly. 
b. cups of oil, fuel oil window to check the adequacy of the oil, the oil level is within the specified range, lack of fuel should be promptly added. Moreover, you should check whether there is deterioration of the oil phenomenon, if it should be replaced. 
c. before driving, let the machine at low speed 2-3 minutes, horizontal and vertical passes the test, check the operation of eachtransmission part is normal.(2) classes ofWhether the abnormal operation of the machine, instrument display is normal, and machine lubrication is good, if the problem should be solved in time, non-machine work sick.(3) after class 
a. cutting iron and other debris should be cleaned, and the various parts of the machine to wipe, to wipe clean, and use the tools, measuring tools, etc., but also wipe clean. 
b. lubrication of the machine so that the machine has a good lubrication.