Improve The Efficiency Of Small CNC Lathe

- May 23, 2019-

Small CNC lathe is a kind of appearance is smaller CNC lathe, the CNC lathe is mainly used for small size workpieces, is suitable for mass production of small workpieces, widely used in the military-industrial complex enterprises, electronic appliances, machinery manufacturing, aerospace and so on all walks of life, that we used in the actual production of how to improve the efficiency of the use of small CNC models?

1. Formulate a reasonable processing process line to reduce the auxiliary time of CNC milling

      In order to improve the production efficiency of small CNC lathe, first of all, it is necessary to carefully analyze the lathe parts, parts of the material, structural characteristics and shape and position tolerance requirements, roughness, heat treatment and other aspects of the technical requirements.Then on this basis, choose reasonable milling process and simple processing route.

2.Choose the right tool

      Choose the right tool to make small CNC lathe to improve efficiency.Tool selection should take into account the lathe processing capacity, process content, workpiece materials and other factors.The tool that lathe place chooses, the requirement has high hardness, high wearability, enough strength and toughness, high heat resistance and good technology sex not only, and requirement dimension is stable, installation adjusts convenient.Therefore, it is necessary to use new high-quality materials to manufacture CNC machining tools, and optimize the tool parameters, so that the size of the tool and the workpiece surface size and shape of the processing.

 3. Properly install clamping workpiece to improve clamping speed

      When machining the workpiece on a small CNC lathe, the positioning and installation of the workpiece should strive to make the design benchmark, process benchmark and programming calculation benchmark unified;As far as possible to reduce the number of clamping, as far as possible in a positioning clamping, processing all the surface to be processed;Avoid using the machine manual adjustment processing scheme, in order to give full play to the efficiency of small CNC lathe.

  4. Select the cutting amount reasonably to improve the cutting efficiency of machining allowance

      Cutting parameters include: spindle speed, cutting depth, feed speed.In the choice of cutting parameters, if it is rough machining, generally to improve productivity, but also to consider the economy and processing costs, can choose a larger cutting depth and feed speed;If semi-finishing and finishing, both efficiency, economy and cost should be taken into account on the premise of ensuring the quality of machining.The cutting tool should be set as high as possible feed speed when the empty path movement.The specific value should be based on the lathe manual, cutting dosage manual, and combined with experience.

      Above is a few more commonly used to improve the efficiency of small CNC lathe processing skills, I hope in daily production and use can provide help to everyone.