Innovation Leads the Breakthrough and Accelerates China's Move to the Machine Tool Powerhouse

- Apr 22, 2019-

In this time of recovery and vigorous development of all things, the 16th China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT2019), a biennial industry event, opened after the successful holding of NPC and CPPCC. On behalf of JIER Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd., I would like to express my warm congratulations on the event.

The theme of this exhibition is "Win the Smart Future Together", which reflects the development characteristics of merging together of Intelligent Manufacturing in different fields and industries for their collaboration, interconnection, information sharing and integration. It fits the background of current economic development and the mainstream and trend of future manufacturing industry.

At present, the machine tool industry is facing a complex and severe domestic and international environment amid a stable but also worrying macroeconomic situation. There are many external unstable and uncertain factors, the momentum of world economic and trade growth is weakening, the growth rate of investment continues to decline, and financial risks are rising, especially the trend of Sino-US trade frictions is difficult to grasp. Problems and contradictions accumulated in the industry for many years, such as the unsound system and mechanism, the inability of product structure to adapt to changes in market demand, are still plaguing some enterprises. The double pressures of structural adjustment and downward operation are further intensified.

2019 is the key year for the transformation, upgrading and development of the machine tool industry, facing greater challenges than before. Accelerating mergers, acquisitions and reorganization and market clearing will lead to more obvious industry differentiation and a new industry pattern will gradually take shape. Machine tool industry enterprises should keep abreast of the times, innovate their thinking, accelerate transformation and upgrading, transform the new and old kinetic energy, actively adapt to the changes in demand brought about by the fourth industrial revolution, make full use of advanced technologies such as intelligent manufacturing and industrial internet, and upgrade product technology. It varies from enterprise to enterprise to address exact problem to work hard accurately to try to exert specially, fine and large to pursuit actual effect. Working around making China manufacturing deeply and solidly, strong in quality, excellent in intelligent manufacturing as mainstream to vigorously promote original innovation to push Chinese manufacturing and services to the medium-high end to accelerate the pace towards a powerful machine tool country.

JIER Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. actively responds to profound changes of the external environment, adheres to innovation-driven, focuses on the development trend of intellectualization, and constantly improves the ability of independent research and development. By mastering key core technologies, it provides users with overall solutions to meet the needs of domestic key areas and national defense construction for high-end equipment; by further promoting the application of integration of informationlization and industrialization, it accelerates the intelligent transformation toward green, energy-saving and high-efficiency. Its leading products of complete line and set have exported to the European, American, Japanese and other developed countries’ mainframe factories; through aiming at first-class international standard, it strives to cultivate a world-class enterprise with global competitiveness by fine management, cultivating people of expert-type and compound talent team to enhancing risk resistance.

More than 1700 exhibitors from 28 countries and regions gathered in Beijing to bring new technologies of digital manufacturing and solutions, intelligent technology, high efficiency and automation, and specialization, as well as new achievements of transformation and upgrading, new and old kinetic energy conversion, which will surely become a grand event expected by the industry. JIER Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. with XHS2425x50 fixed beam gantry boring and milling center and a series of double-angle universal milling heads of different structural types at the show are the latest achievements of independent research and development, which can completely replace imports and meet the all-round high-speed processing requirements of complex profiles of titanium alloy and aluminum alloy materials in key industries such as aerospace and rail transit. Welcome friends from all walks of life to our booth of Jier Machine Tool Exhibition (E3-B001) for visits and exchanges.

Finally, I wish the 16th China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT2019) a complete success!