Installation Of Vertical Machining Center

- Apr 25, 2019-

Vertical machining center because it is suitable for processing box type parts and welcomed by everyone, so about the vertical machining center do you know its installation points?The following is a detailed introduction:

 1.Installation of vertical machining center environment

Vertical machining centers should be installed away from the source, not direct sunlight, no heat radiation and no moisture.If the installation of vertical machining center near the source, should be installed in the vertical machining center around the earthquake ditch.If not set shock-proof groove will directly affect the vertical machining center machining accuracy and stability, time will affect the electronic components contact poor, failure, affect the reliability of the vertical machining center.

2.Voltage and current are strictly controlled

 Vertical machining center is generally installed in the processing workshop, and the processing workshop of many mechanical equipment, inevitably lead to large fluctuations in the power grid.So the vertical machining center installation location must strictly control the voltage and current of the power supply, must control the voltage and current of the power supply within the allowable range of the vertical machining center, must keep the voltage and current of the power supply stable, otherwise it will directly affect the normal work of the vertical machining center.

 3.Temperature and humidity will directly affect the vertical machining center

 Vertical machining center generally to be in the environment below 30 degrees Celsius in order to work normally, in general, vertical machining center distribution box are equipped with exhaust fans and cooling fans, to ensure that electronic parts and central processing in a constant temperature state of work.If the temperature and humidity are too high, the life of the components of the control system will be reduced and the failure of vertical machining center will be increased without any reason.Humidity increases, dust will increase on the integrated circuit board directly lead to poor contact and short circuit fault.

4.Machine tool factory parameter setting

Customers in the use of vertical machining center, can not change the machine tool factory parameter Settings, because these factory parameter Settings are directly related to the dynamic characteristics of the vertical machining center components, only the gap compensation parameter values can be set according to the actual situation.If you want to change the factory setting parameters, you should contact the manufacturer and operate under the guidance of the manufacturer's technical staff to change the factory setting parameters.