Keeping in Mind the Mission of Integration and Innovation

- Apr 22, 2019-

When CIMT 2019 is going to commence, on behalf of Wuhan Heavy Duty Machine Tool Group Corporation, here I would like to express my most sincere congratulations to the opening of this great event and my warmest welcome to peers and friends home and abroad.

The year 2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, and also a critical year of implementation of new concept of development and practice of high quality development requirement. In the case of machine tool industry continues downward, as the continuous differentiation and specialization intra-industry segments, the market calls for acceleration and upgrading towards middle-high end machine tools and intelligent equipment. Promotion of supply-side reform and high quality development has become the main task of machine tool industry. Facing the remarkable changes of machine tool industry and the severe and complicated situation of its development, we must accurately grasp the judgment that Chinese economy is still in an important period of strategic opportunities. We must keep in mind our mission and responsibility of forging an internationally advanced machine building industry, stay focused and remain steadfast and firmly believe in development; we must fulfill our mission of revitalizing China, embracing the new era by hard work and new achievements.

The theme of this exhibition “Win the Smart Future Together” accurately and vividly reflected the characteristics of “transformation, innovation and integration” of machine tool industry in the new era. “Intelligent manufacturing” has become the main direction of future commanding height of Chinese machine tool industry. The new generation of information technology, robot, internet and Big data have speeded up integration with manufacturing industry, and brought up a lot of new technologies, new industries, new industry formats and new patterns, which have brought new opportunities and new challenges to machine tool industry and led us to further speed up upgrading into digitalization, network smart and intelligent.  

With the developing guideline of “Reform, innovation, transformation, lean and quality and efficiency improvement” WZ group in recent years has deeply implemented innovation-driven strategy and “User-centered” developing concept, strongly promoted the transformation of business mode of “product +”, “Service +” and “Internet +” by consistently promoting high-end equipment technology innovation system and intelligent equipment development to provide our clients with integral solution plans, which have met the demand of high-end equipment in emphasis areas of defense and military and major state construction projects; and the business continues to improve.

With peers home and abroad coming together to demonstrate new products, new technologies and new achievements of intelligent manufacturing, this exhibition would be a great event. Taking this opportunity, WZ group brought here VTM5928 5-axis vertical milling and turning center with movable table to meet the demand of high accuracy and high efficiency machining of case jobs in key industries such as high-performance ship-building and aerospace and aviation, etc.. Warmly welcome friends of all lines to visit our booth (W4-B001).

Finally, I wish CIMT2019 every success. Thank you!