Lathe For Process Flanges

- Apr 09, 2019-

The vertical lathe for process flanges, also named CNC double column vertical lathe machine, CNC vertical turning lathe, CNC vertical turret lathe, suitable for hard alloy and ceramic cutting tool.

I.Turning the internal and external cylindrical surface and plane;

II.Turning internal and external conical surface;

III.Rough and refined machining to inner and outer cylinder, inner and outer conical surface, plane, arc and complex revolution surface of parts. 

Vertical lathe include single column vertical lathe and double column vertical lathe, Max machining diameter is 12500mm with CE, ISO certificates. 

The CNC double column vertical lathe machine suitable for process flanges, valves, gear, bearing etc kinds of disk type, wheel type and sleeve type parts in shipbuilding, automobile making, nuclear power industry.