Operation procedure of Boring machine

- Nov 16, 2017-

1. Obey the general safety rules of milling and boring workers. According to regulations to wear good labor protection supplies. 2. Check the operation handle, switch, knob, fixture mechanism, hydraulic piston connection is in the correct position, the operation is flexible, safety device is complete, reliable. 3. Check whether there are obstructions in the effective operation of each axis of the machine. 4. It is forbidden to use machine tools for super performance. The cutting speed and feed rate are selected according to the workpiece material. 5. When loading and unloading the heavier workpiece, it is necessary to choose a reasonable sling and hoisting method according to the workpiece weight and shape. 6. When the spindle rotates and moves, it is strictly prohibited to touch the spindle with the hand and the tool mounted at the end of the spindle. 7. When replacing the tool, it must be stopped first, after confirmation can be replaced, the change should pay attention to the blade damage. 8. It is forbidden to trample the guide surface of the equipment or to place the surface of the paint or the material on it. It is forbidden to beat or straightening workpieces on the workbench. 9. For the new workpiece after the input process, must check the correctness of the program, simulate the operation of the program is correct, not to allow automatic cycle operation to prevent the machine failure. $number. The use of the radial turret alone cutting, the boring rod should be returned to the 0-bit, and then in the MDA mode with M43 to the flat disc, if the U-axis to move, you must ensure that the U-Axis manual clamping device has been loosened.