Precision Machining for the Medical Industry

- Sep 04, 2018-

One of the benefits of the machine that tends to stand out is the retaking unit, a full subspindle that operates as a rollover station, allowing machining in either the horizontal or vertical position.

While it’s a seven-axis machine (with five-axis simultaneous machining), it is available exclusively with the Fanuc 31i-B5 control as a solution to simplify its operation. The company views the machine as global, so it has made the FANUC control standard on this machine because of its international familiarity as well as its ability to handle each axis of movement in precision part production.

The linear motor, direct drive torque machine features 25-hp on the main C axis, 15 hp on the B axis, and 12 hp on the retake (it does use ballscrews in two places for OSHA safety, but only for positioning and not on the machining axes). The retake spindle is in line with the C axis and features almost as much force. But once it receives the workpiece from the C, it can be reoriented to work the part vertically.

Another option is a two-jaw vise that is mounted beside the opposing spindle that can also be used to grab work. If the opposing spindle is not needed for turning, the vise can take the part from the cutoff, reorient it and hold it for milling work.

Most of the machines, being collet-based, are sold as bar-fed milling solutions, but they can be set up for raw blanks as well. They can work with bar diameters from 32 mm to 65 mm. Bumotec works closely with Hainbuch and other suppliers for quick-change solutions that eliminate the need for manufacturing and loading fixtures. The quick setup and change-over allow the machine to fit well in a high-mix, low-volume, prototype environment.

The flexibility provided by the collet-based system, and the ability to produce parts “from bar to box,” as the company promotes, fit the needs of the customers, many of whom have ISO medical accreditation and/or FDA accreditation. They require the ability to show an established process that is transferrable and repeatable across multiple machines, which is obtained with consistent precision, from setup to change-over, on a single platform.