Preventive Maintenance Of CNC Lathes

- Mar 20, 2019-

The purpose of preventive maintenance of CNC lathe is to reduce the failure rate, which mainly includes the following aspects:

      1. Personnel arrangement

      For each CNC machine assigned a special operator, process personnel and maintenance personnel, all personnel to constantly strive to improve their business and technical level.

      2. Building regulations and archives

     According to the specific performance of each machine tool and processing objects to develop operating rules, the establishment of work and maintenance files, managers should often check, summarize, improve.

      3. Daily maintenance

      For each nc machine tool shall establish daily maintenance plan, including maintenance content (such as axis driving system of lubrication and wear, such as spindle lubrication, oil, moisture, the temperature control, balance system, cooling system, elastic belt, relay, contactor, contactor clean, whether the plug, terminal is loose, electric cabinet ventilation, etc.) and the features and elements of the maintenance cycle (daily, monthly, half a year, or not) on a regular basis.

      4.Improve the utilization rate of CNC lathe

     CNC machine tool if not idle for a long time, when the need to use, first of all, the movement of the machine tool will affect the static and dynamic transmission performance due to grease solidification, dust and even rust, reduce the accuracy of the machine tool, the blockage of the oil system is a big trouble;From the electrical point of view, because the whole electrical control system hardware of a CNC machine tool is composed of tens of thousands of electronic components, their performance and life has a very large discrete, from the macro point of view is divided into three stages: basically in a year in the so-called "run-in" stage.At this stage, the failure rate shows a downward trend. If the machine tool is constantly operated during this period, the "break-in" task will be completed quickly and the one-year maintenance period can be fully utilized.The second stage is the effective life stage, that is, the stage of giving full play to the efficiency.Under the condition of reasonable use and good daily maintenance, the machine can run normally for at least five years.The third stage is the aging stage of the system life, electrical hardware fault will gradually increase, the average service life of CNC system in 8 ~ 10 years.Therefore, in the absence of processing tasks for a period of time, it is best to run the machine tool empty at a low speed, at least often to the CNC system power, and even every day should be power.

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