Quick Preset for Quick-Change Tools

- Sep 06, 2018-

A rigid connection between a cutting tool and its carrier is fundamental to successful, accurate turning operations. Historically, this connection consisted of clamping stick tools into a holder using set screws. This is fine if the tool life justifies relatively long runs with a lower need to change out the cutter.

However, today’s toolholding options consist of many more choices than only stick tools. Now we have polygonal, HSK and BIG Plus holders as examples of toolholding connections that deliver a needed benefit to turning operations; that is the need for quick change-out of the cutting tool. Driving this trend is small lot size runs that require more frequent machine setups. Low volume/high mix is the “order” of the day.

Complementing this drive toward faster change-over is the need to preset these precision tools, preferably outside the cutting zone, so as not to interrupt production.

This article looks at a line of presetters that is designed to quickly and accurately accommodate the various quick-change toolholding configurations. The idea is to eliminate bottlenecks in the flow of production.