Ready to Use Your New CNC Machine

- Aug 03, 2018-

Training Your Operators

We want you to get the most out of your new CNC machine, so Absolute’s Applications Engineers train your operators anywhere from 1-3 days, depending on their level of knowledge.

We begin with the machine’s general operations then advance into programming and the CNC control panel, which often looks different from one machine tool OEM to another. Next, we cover programming, showing them the different control commands that are used daily, such as loading and saving programs, touching-off tooling, and setting work coordinates.

Often our Application Engineers personalize the CNC control parameters so the machine behaves or responds more like other machines the customer already has. This helps the operators familiarize themselves with their new machine. If the customer is currently using Manual Guide i, we will review that software program as well, going through it step by step to ensure their comfort. If a customer programs offline, we review some of the editing features within the CNC control.

Calibration and use of added devices, such as a tool setter and/or part probe, is also demonstrated. Customers often times have a network or DNC system, and our engineers assist in getting the communications between the machine and existing system to talk. Absolute will then train the operator(s) on any other communications devices they have, such as Ethernet, RS-232, USB, Card Slot or PCMCIA Slot.

If a customer needs further clarification on special functions, such as writing macros and custom M-codes, our Applications Engineers will assist them in those areas as well. And finally, we systematically walk operators and maintenance personnel around the machine, covering maintenance procedures and answering any questions they may have.

Saving Important Information

Occasionally customers deal with power outages or forget to check and change batteries in the CNC control, and they lose power. As part of our post-installation checklist, we backup all parameters and PMC so the machine can more easily be put back to its original state after this happens.

We also make copies of the machine’s data sheets. Why? Datasheets include important information on every component of the CNC control, including options and part numbers. We will distribute a copy to the customer’s office, but we also bring a copy back and file it electronically in the customer’s account so that we have that information on hand as well.