Single-column Vertical Lathe Is Specially Designed For The Ball Processing Of Steel Ball Equipment

- Aug 21, 2019-

1. The main gearbox adopts hydraulic shifting; the speed of the table is selected by the manual rotary valve, and is realized by electric-liquid steering;

2, vertical tool holder, hydraulic system is equipped with pressure holding device;

3. The beam clamping mechanism is clamped by spring and the hydraulic pressure is released;

4, with digital display device (special order *);

5, the main gearbox and table spindle support and transmission automatic lubrication;

6. The main drive belt tension, the spindle bearing clearance, the vertical ram nut clearance and the beam clamping force are adjustable;

7. The feeding mechanism has insurance devices;

8, CJ5710 fixed beam vertical car with its beam fixed without stroke, without side tool holder.