Sino-Kyrgyz anti-terror drill keeps soldiers in top shape

- Aug 08, 2019-

The China-Kyrgyzstan "Cooperation-2019" joint counterterrorism exercise was launched on Tuesday at a training base in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.

The exercise is the first joint exercise conducted by security forces of the two countries and will last about 10 days, according to a statement from the People's Armed Police Force of China.

About 150 officers and soldiers from a commando unit of the force's Xinjiang division and a special warfare brigade under the National Guard of Kyrgyzstan, are taking part in counterterrorism drills at a training base of the Xinjiang division in Urumqi, the region's capital. They are expected to hone their capabilities in a wide range of fields such as joint command, basic technical training and joint tactical operations, the statement said.

"The exercise is intended to deepen security cooperation between the two countries, enhance the counterterrorism capability of the security forces and expand the two forces' cooperation," Lieutenant General Yang Guangyue, deputy commander-in-chief of the People's Armed Police Force, said at the exercise's opening ceremony in Urumqi. He added that it does not target any third party.

Zhou Zhen, commander of the Chinese troops in the exercise, was quoted in the statement as saying that his soldiers are specialized in counterterrorism operations in mountainous regions, so they would be focused on joint tactics in mountain tasks with their Kyrgyz counterparts.

The People's Armed Police Force has been gearing up its exchange and collaboration with security forces in other nations in regards to counterterrorism activities.

It held an international counterterrorism forum in Beijing in June to boost communication and cooperation in the fight against terrorism. It was the third time the Chinese force had organized such a forum since 2016.

In addition, the force has also hosted two international contests for snipers since that year.