Small Horizontal Lathe Structure Function

- Jun 09, 2018-

Spindle box: also known as the head of the box, its main task is to rotate the main motor through a series of transmission mechanism to make the required spindle to the two different steering speed, while the spindle box part of the power Pass the movement to the feed box. The spindle spindle is the key part of the lathe. The smooth running of the spindle on the bearing directly affects the machining quality of the workpiece. Once the spindle rotation accuracy is reduced, the machine's use value will be reduced.

Feed box: also known as the walking box, the feed box is equipped with the feed movement of the speed mechanism, adjust its transmission mechanism, you can get the required feed or pitch, through the light bar or screw to the movement to the knife Frame for cutting.

Screw and light bar: used to connect the feed box and slide box, and the movement and power of the feed box to the slide box, so slip

The box gets longitudinal linear motion. The screw is specially designed to turn all kinds of threads, and when turning into the other surface of the workpiece, only the light bar, no screw.