The best usage of a cnc machine

- Jun 13, 2018-

In order to make the best use of a machine, you must know how much power is available throughout the various speeds in each spindle range. Surprisingly, power curve information may not be as readily available as you might think. Some machine builders include a power curve graph in their programming manuals. With others, you may have to make a special request.

2. List of recommended spare parts. Hopefully, your brand-new CNC machine will run for a long time before anything wears out. Even so, you must be prepared for eventual failures. Your machine builder and control manufacturer should be able to provide a list of components that are most prone to failure and specify those components that will most likely break during a mishap (crash). Common examples include batteries for memory and absolute encoder position backup, filters, fluids, and taper alignment pins. Don’t wait until something fails before ordering a replacement. Instead, maintain a complement of recommended spare parts for the time when they are needed. 

3. New or different maintenance procedures. It is likely that any new machine will include new features and functions that require your maintenance personnel to do some things differently. For example, you may be buying your first machine that has absolute pulse coders on axis drive motors. These motors require a battery to maintain position while the power is off, and a special (different) procedure to reset the home position should it be lost for reasons such as battery failure or crash. The time to prepare for these new procedures is while the machine is new, before the procedure is required.