The development course of Milling Machine

- Nov 16, 2017-

The milling machine was originally created by American E. Whitney in 1818. In order to milling the spiral groove of twist drills, Americans J.R.. Brown created the first universal Milling Machine in 1862, which is the prototype of the milling machine for elevating platform. The gantry milling machine appeared around 1884. A semi-automatic milling machine was introduced in the 1920s, and the worktable can be used for automatic conversion of "feed-fast" or "fast-feed".

After 1950, the milling machine has developed rapidly in the control system, and the application of the NC has greatly improved the automatization of the milling machine. Especially after the 70 's, the microprocessor's digital control system and the automatic tool-changing system are applied to the milling machine, which enlarges the processing range of the milling machine and improves the machining precision and efficiency.

With the intensification of the mechanical process, NC programming began to be widely used in machine tool operation, and the labor force was released greatly. NC Programming Milling machine will gradually replace manual operation. The demand for staff will also be higher, of course, will bring more and more efficiency.