The Error That Line Cuts Machine Tool

- May 17, 2019-

The error of line cutting machine tool refers to the difference between the workpiece and the expected value when the line cutting is finished and the workpiece is finished.This gap may come from the accuracy of the machine tool, the deformation of the material, the error in accounting, or the fault in the accounting control of the machine tool, which includes:

1. Machine tool control fault: the frequency of attack is very small, because today's machine tool control system is tested, mature skills.It will refuse to accept the man-made fault, it can also withstand before processing check or back to zero view.The accumulated error due to repeated rotation and translation can be found by checking back to zero.

2. Accounting errors: this is the human reason, is able to check the calculation, can prove, is able to find early.Premature rounding of central accounting, repeated use of a digit is not enough irrational number (such as multi-tooth shape), decimal point of view system and degree system confusion.

3. The precision of the line cutting machine tool: this is usually refers to the mechanical precision, is the actual value and the theoretical value of the difference.The most direct cause of this difference is the regression, straightness and straightness.The size of this difference value should be within 0.005~0.02mm, this value can be measured, can be adjusted, as far as the structure of today's machine tool, it is very easy to make this error value control below 0.02, and to be less than 0.005 is very difficult.

4. Material deformation: as long as you have good operation habits, you should rehearse after accounting, check after input, check zero before starting work, and check handwheel calibration.Oneself did not calculate wrong, machine tool also did not go wrong should have enough hold, what remain is to be out of shape, the reason that is out of shape only and the method that overcome want to consider carefully.