The first level maintenance of boring machine

- Nov 16, 2017-

Boring machine General provisions of the cumulative operation of 800h after the operation of the main one-level maintenance, maintenance work must be cut off after the power. Below take T68 type horizontal boring machine As an example, explain the boring machine level maintenance content and request. 1) External maintenance. The main cleaning machine surface dirt, rust, keep the transmission parts clean. Scrub the surface of machine tool and cover shell, should have no rust without macular, scrub each exposed screw, light bar and rack, make up each handle, screw, nut and so on, keep the machine appearance neat. 2 spindle box and feed gearbox maintenance. Open the main shaft box of the dust cover plate, check the adjustment v-Belt and spindle box clamping lever. Clean the filter and oil tank, check the balance hammer wire rope fastening condition, scrub the flat disc chute and adjust the insert bar. 3 Working table and guideway maintenance. Scrub The work table everywhere, check the adjustment of iron and insert clearance, check the guide rail is NAP, light burr and scrub guide. 4 post pillar maintenance. After cleaning the bearing seat, guide surface, check the adjustment of the insert gap. 5 Lubrication system maintenance. Clean linoleum, oil tank, keep the oil hole and the circuit smooth. Clean the cooling pump, filter net and cooling box. Clean the filter to ensure the oil cup is complete and keep the oil-marked oil window bright. 6 Electrical Part maintenance. Clean the electric box and electric motor. Check the position of the electrical device to ensure that the electrical device is fixed, safe and tidy. Operating system, and finally cut off the power.