The Gantry Machining Center Refers To The Machining Center

- Aug 19, 2019-

1 workbench

The workbench of the gantry machining center is basically rectangular. Large castings such as workbench, bed, column, beam and ram are made of cast iron or welded parts. The inner cavity of the casting is a honeycomb-type composite arrangement structure with advanced design. Both are aged and tempered to eliminate residual internal stress and stabilize the material. To ensure the stability of workpiece machining accuracy and machine life.

2 Dragon Gate

The gantry consists of a beam and two columns. It is divided into three types: the beam is fixed, the beam is locked by the positioning block, and the beam is lifted and lowered.

3 ram

The ram can be divided into two types, open and closed. The ram of the open structure is clamped on the headstock by the pressure plate, and the sectional area of the ram is large; the ram of the closed structure is clamped in the headstock, and the sectional area of the ram is small.

4 tool magazine

The basic types of tool magazines are turret type, drum type and chain length type.

5 attachment header library

Processing of large, complex parts often requires a lot of attachment heads. The attachment head is specially designed according to the processing requirements of the workpiece, and is generally divided into a right angle head, an extended head, a special angle head and a universal head.

6 CNC system

There are many CNC system suppliers now, and there are different choices for system brands and models according to different needs.

7 precision

The accuracy of the machine tool refers to the original accuracy of the machine tool without external load. Accuracy is usually expressed by the deviation between its opposite and ideal state (referred to as error). The smaller the error, the higher the accuracy.