The Importance of Regular CNC Machine Maintenance

- Jul 19, 2018-

If you own a manufacturing business, then your operation is undoubtedly dependent on one or more CNC machines that perform a number of functions that are key to the success of your business. As such, it’s important to make sure that your CNC machines are prepared to get the job done when you need them to. When one of more machines breaks down, it can cost business owners thousands of dollars in unmet shipments and wasted hours. Therefore, it’s easy to see the importance of taking the time to perform routine maintenance checks on your machines to ensure that they are prepared to run as they should and to eliminate the possibility of a production shutdown.


At the end of your production day, run the following checks and tests to ensure that your machine will be ready to perform the following day.

Test the hydraulic fluid and make sure the hydraulic and chuck pressures are at the right level

Check the lube level and replenish if needed

If your CNC machine has a cooling system, be sure to check those levels

Remove any chips from the chip pan and grease parts that look dry

Wipe down all surfaces


Twice a year, it’s important to have your CNC machine inspected by a specialist who will run more extensive tests and identify any potential threats to the system. During your bi-annual maintenance appointment, the specialist will perform tests such as the following:

Clean the coolant tank and remove any sludge, chips, or oil

Remove and clean the chuck and jaws

Drain and replace the hydraulic oil

Replace the line and suction filters

Clean the radiator and align the radiator fins

Drain and refill the cooling unit, if applicable

Ensure that the machine is level

Inspect wipers and replace any that have been damaged


Once a year, you should hire a specialist to perform tests that, if you’ve been keeping up with regular maintenance, should be a simple way to ensure that your machine is running smoothly. During your yearly appointment, the specialist will perform the following tasks:

Check the headstock for tapering

Check the spindle for radial and end play

Inspect the chuck cylinder for run-out

Check the tailstock for tapering

Check the turret parallelism and inclination

Run a backlash program to determine if the X and Z axis need adjusting

Adjust the X and Y axis gibs if necessary.

No matter what type of manufacturing business you operate, performing regular tests and checks on your CNC machines will ensure that they run well enough to keep up with your customers’ demands. To learn more about CNC machines or to purchase a CNC machine for your business, contact Haitong CNC today!