The Main Mechanical Structure Analysis Of Large CNC Vertical Lathe

- Mar 21, 2019-

CNC vertical lathe adopts high performance infinitely variable speed spindle and servo system, which greatly simplifies the mechanical transmission structure and shortens the transmission chain.New structure with good rigidity and earthquake resistance, such as spindle parts of dynamic and static bearing, support parts of welded steel plate structure, etc.In efficiency, stiffness, precision and other aspects of better transmission components, such as ball screw pair, static pressure worm pair and plastic sliding guide, rolling guide, static pressure guide, etc..Multi-spindle, multi-tool rest structure and automatic clamping of tools and workpieces, automatic tool changing device, automatic chip removal and automatic lubrication cooling device, etc., to improve labor conditions and improve productivity.The use of cutting fluid can reduce the friction in the cutting process, cutting force and cutting temperature.Reasonable use of cutting fluid plays an important role in improving the service life of the cutting tool, the surface quality of the workpiece and the machining accuracy.

      Large CNC vertical lathe is a typical representative of the electromechanical integration products, despite its mechanical structure and the structure of the ordinary machine tools have many similarities, but not simply on the ordinary machine tools equipped with CNC system, it compared with those of ordinary machine tool is improved in the structure, it mainly displays in the following aspects:   

       1. The main transmission device adopts stepless or piecewise stepless transmission mode, which can use the program to control the change of direction and speed of the spindle. The main transmission has a wide range of speed regulation.Some large CNC vertical lathe main drive system has begun to use a compact structure, better performance of the motorized spindle.

       2. In the feed drive device, non-clearance ball screw drive and non-clearance gear drive are widely used, which use plastic guide rail or static pressure guide rail to reduce the friction of the motion pair and improve the transmission accuracy.Some large CNC vertical lathes directly use linear motor to drive the feed parts, so as to achieve high speed and high sensitivity servo drive.

     3. The main supporting parts, such as the bed, column and beam, adopt reasonable cross-section shapes, and take some measures to compensate the deformation, so that they have relatively high structural stiffness.

       4. The machining center is equipped with tool library and automatic tool changing device, which can carry out multi-process and multi-surface processing, greatly improving the productivity.

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